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SDLV Goals & Visions

by Michael Clark


Senior Discounts Las Vegas (SDLV) is the culmination of all my years in the aging community working as a journalist, advocate and healthcare provider. The Senior Discount Directory part of the site gives advertisers an excellent opportunity to get their message to local seniors. And the seniors benefit by patronizing businesses that offer seniors a discount. But the site is far more than a simple directory. Across the top of the home page are items including Latest News, Events and Articles. My goal is to become a local hub for the entire aging community.

I have been active in the Las Vegas aging community for the past 24 years. From 1987-1995 I was the editor and publisher of the Nevada Senior World Newspaper. I then served as the Nevada Healthcare Association’s Executive Director. For over a decade I worked with MedicWest Ambulance as their client relations representative in the specialized area of skilled nursing facilities and rehab hospitals.

For the past 14 years I have served as an AARP Nevada Ambassador. I have also been a member of ASDO (Aging Services Directors Organization) for over 20 years and I was recently named a Nevada Delegate to the National Silver-Haired Congress and a member of the Nevada State Silver-Haired Forum. These appointments came after years of serving on many committees and boards including the City of Las Vegas Senior Citizens Advisory Board.

This is what you can do for me: I want to develop a network of people who can keep me informed on what’s happening in the Las Vegas aging community. If you come up with any events, news or feature article material, please feel free to contact me. And I want to bring my senior readers those businesses that offer discounts. You can e-mail me at michael@sdlv.net. Our business phone is 702-434-1699.

Also, please pass this site on to anyone you know who can help provide information relevant to our community. Or any business that offers a senior discount.


Michael Clark in 1984, the year he founded Senior Views News Magazine.

Advantages of an Online Senior Discount Directory:

Some years ago, Nevada Senior World Newspaper had a sister publication called the Las Vegas Senior Discount Directory. We published it annually. It was essentially a small telephone book which was handy for looking up businesses that offered senior discounts. I realized at the time that this phone book had many disadvantages. It only came out once a year so the information became more dated over time. Advertisers would have to wait an entire year to change their ad. We could not publish the latest news or upcoming events. The directory was expensive due to the cost of setting up all the pages before anything could be distributed. Then there were printing and distribution costs. If we left copies in a senior community center there was never any assurance that they actually got picked up and taken home.

The online senior discount directory (SDLV) corrects all the disadvantages of print. Because it is available immediately online, there are none of the distribution concerns. We now work in real time, so the problem of providing the latest in news for seniors, information articles and current events can be included. Advertisers can change their advertisement immediately instead of having to wait an entire year.

Members of the local aging community now have the opportunity to interact with us online, thus creating a hub of information and a center for advocacy. This is something that simply has not existed before and could not now exist without the real time benefits of the internet.

So we are jumping on the information super highway. There is no limit to the potential before us.