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Last Vegas. Lots of Laughs and Star Power in ‘Last Vegas.’

If you are a senior and live in Las Vegas a great movie is coming your way starting November 1st with ‘Last Vegas.’ We saw a preview for free and you could have too using lasvegasfreemovies.comlast_vegas_ver3 1149564_10200396305695044_33918807_oIf you are looking for a good laugh, then you should really enjoy this fine piece of film making. The on screen dynamics between Morgan Freeman, Robert DiNero, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline are never less than exciting and enjoyable. The background setting of Las Vegas is especially fun for those of us who live here and if you are a senior living in Vegas it is a no-brainer to catch this excellent movie. Although the four leads are the main reason to catch the movie it also boasts a radiant performance from Mary Steenburgen. The movie is sharply directed by Jon Turteltaub from a smart script by Dan Fogelman and has been edited into a non-stop entertainment. Don’t expect any surprises in the plot line, it goes exactly where you think it is going and the joy is settling back in the hands of the masterful cast and enjoying the journey to the destination. It would be easy to describe it as ‘The Hangover’ with more laughs but it wouldn’t be quite fair as both movies aim for a different demographic and hit them with precision.

We attended a preview of the movie and it cost absolutely nothing. My favorite price for an event! We are signed up with Las Vegas Free Movies and receive downloadable invites to an assortment of movies via the Internet on a regular basis. You don’t always get to attend the movie of your choice but if you arrive at the cinema a little earlier than you think–you almost definitely will. I highly recommend signing up with the service, it isn’t just the free ticket price but the fact that you get to attend the movie before its official opening. You can contact LVFM at It is a service that we thoroughly enjoy!


A great way to spend an afternoon and a fist full of quarters.

A very pleasant afternoon awaits you at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame and Pinball Museum at 1610, East Tropicana, Las Vegas. 


Next time you are looking for a neat way to entertain the ‘kids’ in your life, you should consider visiting this rather unique spot on Tropicana Blvd. It has the perfect admission fee NOTHING! Inside the rather dull looking building is a world class collection of pinball machines that span many years of designs and technologies. If you are a pinball buff you will be in seventh heaven the moment you enter the jam packed warehouse. I am nothing like a serious pinball player but it only took me a matter of minutes to get right into the mood and begin flippin’ with the best of them. I personally enjoyed some of the older machines from the ’70s and had a blast getting some far from exciting scores. Seventy five minutes passed in the blink of an eye and left both my wife and I in a very happy frame of mind.

There is nothing fancy about the Pinball Museum, just 10,000 square feet containing rows and rows of beautifully restored pinball machines. You enter the IMG_7164building and after picking up a soda from a vending machine you break a few dollars into quarters and are ready to go. At the rear of the building is an open workshop where the machines are restored and kept in working condition. It is certainly worth spending a few moments watching as the technician works his magic on the machines. With luck you will get to peer inside one of the pinball machines and marvel at the pre-digital innards of some still seriously complicated machinery.

This is a splendid outing to make with grand kids who have grown up in the video game era. They may be shocked at how much they enjoy the old fashioned and visceral feel that these classic machines offer; all you need to do is give them a fist full of quarters and enjoy watching their fun. This is an unusual and very inexpensive way to enjoy yourself in Las Vegas without having to visit the strip. If you work up an appetite or thirst with your excursion into retro world of flipper fun, the excellent ‘Crown & Anchor’ is situated close by at 1350, East Tropicana.

Check out more details at the Pinball Museums website


Las Vegas Philharmonic to pay homage to the golden age of Hollywood & Broadway with “Dancing & Romancing” on Saturday, October 12 at The Smith Center

LVP_Dancing_Romancing_red (800x683)

Pops Series concert to feature the orchestra performing the music of George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter & others conducted by Stuart Chafetz with guest singers & dancers Kirby Ward & Joan Hess

Tickets $25, $46, $64 & $94 available from The Smith Center Box Office 702.749.2000 or

            The glamor of legendary film dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and the timeless songwriting skills of composers including George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and Cole Porter will be celebrated at the Las Vegas Philharmonic’s first Pops Series concert for the 2013-14 season called “Dancing& Romancing” on Saturday, October 12 at 7:30PM in Reynolds Hall, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

            The concert will feature the full orchestra conducted by Stuart Chafetz and guest singers and seasoned Broadway performers Kirby Ward and Joan Hess.  In addition to singing, Mr. Ward and Ms. Hess will also display fancy footwork, dancing on the Reynolds Hall stage.  The program includes jewels from the Great American Songbook such as The Song Is You (Jerome Kern), Cheek to Cheek, Top Hat, Steppin’ Out (Irving Berlin), I Could Have Danced All Night (Frederick Lowe) alongside orchestral performances of classic tunes including Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter), Girl Crazy Overture (George Gershwin), and many more.  Taken from the scores of hit Hollywood movies and timeless Broadway shows, the program is designed to conjure up the glamor and romance of the era.

            The concert will be conducted by Stuart Chafetz, a celebrated American Pops conductor known for his affable podium presence and engaging performances.  Mr. Ward and Ms. Hess have performed “Dancing & Romancing” with orchestras around the country and both are experienced musical theater professionals.  Mr. Ward choreographed and performed in Debbie Reynolds’ show when she performed in Las Vegas and choreographed for the late Donald O’Connor.  He also worked with Bette Midler and James Caan, choreographing their 1991 film For the Boys.  Ms. Hess played the role of Tanya in Mamma Mia! on Broadway and toured regionally in the title role of Gypsy.  She is also known to HBO viewers as the “Leggy Blonde” on the comedy, Flight of the Conchords.

“Pops” is the term used by symphony orchestras to describe programs that feature more traditional pop music by composers such as George Gershwin and from genres such as film and theater.  The Las Vegas Philharmonic will perform five Pops Series programs during the 2013-14 season, including its annual holiday concert on December 7 and a presentation of the classic film Casablanca on February 15 featuring the orchestra performing the film score live on stage.  (Full Pops Series program online here.)  With many members of the Las Vegas Philharmonic also seasoned Las Vegas Strip show musicians, the orchestra demonstrates an unusual adaptability and skill for pops performances that is often praised by visiting conductors and guest artists.


This season the Las Vegas Philharmonic is offering a new low-cost ticket price of $25 for balcony seating at all of its concerts.  Seats in other sections are priced $46, $64 and $94.  Tickets are available from The Smith Center Box Office, phone 702.749.2000 or online from  A 50% student discount is available on all single ticket purchases (ID required.)  Group sales are available by calling the Las Vegas Philharmonic 702.258.5438.

The Smith Center ticket link

Las Vegas Philharmonic ticket link

2013-14 Pops Series Subscription Packages

Subscribers can still purchase tickets to the Las Vegas Philharmonic’s complete five-concert Pops Series.  Packages begin at $125 for a five-concert balcony section subscription through to $470 for an A section subscription.  Full details are available online at

Bus Service

The Las Vegas Philharmonic offers shuttle buses to The Smith Center from Summerlin (Starbright Theatre, 2215 Thomas Ryan Blvd) and Henderson (Anthem Center at Independence Center 2460 Hampton Road.)  Buses depart at 6:30PM for Pops concerts.  Bus passes must be purchased in advance and can be obtained when purchasing concert tickets, or by calling The Smith Center Patron Services at 702.749.2000.  Each bus pass costs $15 roundtrip per concert.

Cutting costs and improving your TV viewing by ‘Cutting the Cable Cord.’

Do you want to save money, improve your at home entertainment options and reduce your reliance on your local cable company? Read on….

Machovka_TV_set_2One of the fastest growing digital trends today is ‘Cutting the Cable Cord.’ There has been a fast and powerful movement away from relying on your local cable giant as being the sole provider of your video entertainment. Many other options exist to tailor your viewing needs now that streaming and other technological developments have arrived in your living room. Cable bills are often very expensive and can rise without notice in a mysterious and alarming fashion –rather like the Mississippi river during a wild and wet downpour.

One of the questions you need to ask yourself about cable TV is whether you are really watching enough of those 300 plus channels to justify your bill. We decided we were not, and three years ago we ‘Cut the Cable Cord’ and moved on to using our cable company solely as an Internet provider. I can honestly say that we haven’t regretted this decision one iota. We are watching great TV, paying less and as a side benefit watching a lot less mediocre time wasting channels ‘just because they are there.’ During this three year experiment it has also been rather gratifying to discover we were pioneers in an entire new system of watching television and movies. Let me give you a brief rundown on the essential elements that make this possible, there are three integral ingredients that make this easy, fun and fruitful and you don’t need to be a computer wiz to make them work for you.


1         Streaming video services. The giants in this area are Netflix and Hulu Plus, each of which cost under seven dollars a month. Netflix has a constantly appletv_smallsizechanging and nearly endless supply of movies, specials, TV series and now original programming. A new phenomena has been born ‘Binge Viewing,’ if you find a TV show you enjoy watching then you usually have instant access to ALL the seasons that have been recorded. This means you can watch an entire season in a stretch, and you can view them on demand and in sequence– with no advertising. Hulu Plus is particularly useful for keeping up with current shows. Need your daily dose of ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ or a weekly fix of ‘Saturday Night Live?’ Look no further than Hulu! In fact they have every season of SNL since it began broadcasting and also the magnificent Criterion Film Collection in it’s entirety, if you are looking for something with a little more meat.

Add the dozen or so of the totally free streaming services that are available via your smart phone, tablet or computer and you have a great storehouse of instantly available and customizable viewing option at your finger tips. When you add your phone or iPad to the mix you also have access to a huge supply of free viewing material brought to you directly from the supplier who deliver them to the cable company. I’m just looking at my phone and I have Apps from HBO, ABC, NBC, ESPN, CNN. Fox, Discovery, Food Channel, PBS, Bravo and dozens of other networks. Each of these Apps give access to aspects and elements of their product, an amazing list of free assets that is growing in size everyday and actively competing with each other to gain your viewership.

2         How do I get these shows to play on my TV? You need some kind of unit to allow you to view these shows on your home TV set and there are many options including; Roku, X-box and the one I will discuss in some detail Apple TV. Apple TV is a small box, that is a one time $99 cost and attaches to your telly via an HDMI cable, it opens a stunning variety of options. You can also use it to stream music, photos and videos directly from you computer/phone/tablet directly to broadcast hem into your living room. Apple TV also gives access to a delightful array of video/audio podcasts and an endless supply of radio stations at the push of a button, you can even check your email and Facebook account on the big screen. How did I ever live without it?

3        A Digital HD ‘rabbit ears’ antenna. For less than fifty dollars you can purchase these high tech variations on the old antennas that sat on top of TV sets ink-bigpic the fifties, and they bring a large supply of HD television into your living room. There isn’t much point in having a TV if you can’t watch the network and local news shows and these antennas make that possible. In the Las Vegas area we pick up about 40 channels, including the major networks, and the cost once you have purchased the unit is ZERO. You will find many of your favorite, and probably some entirely new channels in this manner and be able to enjoy them in High Definition. These new style antennas don’t look or work like your parents TV antennas did– the digital age has made them into very effective tools.

This is just a very brief primer in this fast growing ‘Cable Cord Cutting’ trend. There are too many details to address in a brief article like this, however a few minutes research on Google or Bing will tell you everything you need to know about how to proceed. My wife and I, plus millions of others, have thoroughly enjoyed the results of this new technique in viewing and cost cutting. This is the wave of the future for a number of very good reasons, so why not think about giving it a try.      If you don’t like it you can always go back to cable or satellite TV and those large monthly bills! 



A prescription for savings….

costcoI want to write a brief note about a savings tip you may find beneficial. If a serious part of your budget is going towards prescription medicines–and if you are a senior it often is, you may thank me for this heads-up! It is to check the cost of your meds if you switch to having your prescription filled at Costco. Here is just one sample of the savings we recently found on one medication. My wife needs a supply of Metforim every month to control her diabetes, at Walgreens the cost of a month’s supplies $31 without her health insurance–with insurance it costs $25. At Costco the same prescription is $6.99. A three month supply of Metforim at Walgreens costs $75 (without insurance it runs $93,) at Costco the price is $9.99. Quite a savings for the identical medication, at Costco your yearly savings on just this one RX would be $288.

How about that yearly membership at Costco? It doesn’t apply for their pharmacy, just walk right in and go to the pharmacy section. If you have a regular series of meds that you purchase, why not go in and check with them what your savings would be. You may wonder what this has to do with my position of entertainment editor of Easy, with all these savings you might want to buy one of there giant flat screen TVs that they stock. In my next post I will give you some tips on how to ‘Cut the Cable’ and save a ton of money every month on your cable bill, while suffering no loss to your viewing experience.


Taking a 60s trip–to Rambo’s Kitchen. A delightful diner experience….


Rambo's Kitchen

We discovered ‘Rambo’s Kitchen’ via our old friend Groupon. They have some really great food discount coupons available all the time on Groupon. We love them, not just because of the savings but even more importantly because it has dramatically increased the variety and scope of our dining experience. If you haven’t tried these kind of discount food coupons, you really should. Explore the possibilities at  

So we had just finished running some errands and we realized it was time for supper! The moment we decided to eat Susan had her iPhone out and was checking what outstanding Groupons we had for restaurants. We narrowed it down to a repeat visit to the excellent Bar-B-Cue restaurant ‘TC’s Rib Crib,’ or trying out ‘Rambo’s Kitchen.’ I wasn’t sure what Rambo might stock in his kitchen, I ruled out Vietnamese food, but I was easily convinced  that a good 60s diner menu was just where I wanted to spend supper time.

Rambo's MenuThe diner is situated at 6085, S. Fort Apache Rd, in Spring Valley. It is housed in a very conventional group of restaurants and shops, however the moment you enter ‘Rambo’s Kitchen’ the ‘quirky’ factor goes up to eleven. The 60s theme is fun and comfortable, there is fun video and music entertainment, and nifty memorabilia fills the joint. Mostly the 60s theme was great because it allowed you to feel good as you made your choices from the tempting menu. You can use this link to reach ‘Rambo’s Kitchen at yelp and check out the menu.

The meals we ordered were really great burgers with lots of great fries and sides. The food was very home cooked tasting and we both were delighted with our specific  burger choices. I went with a chili burger because I figured whatever else Rambo might have in his Kitchen there was probably always a place for a good chili. I was right– this was a very good chili. The service was excellent, almost too attentive, but everyone was very nice and genuinely friendly and seemed dedicated to making sure you had everything you needed. I really enjoyed some of the 60s toys, trivia and memorabilia too.

Will be go back to ‘Rambo’s Kitchen?’ You bet, in a heartbeat, I am already thinking about my choices from the amazing looking breakfast menu. The initial visit to the restaurant has us hooked, and the economics of it matter. We bought a $20 Groupon for ten dollars online, showed our server our iPhone  and received a bill for $1.35 cents. After adding a nice tip for our attentive server we were out of the diner for $16. However, the neat part is that we discovered a very cool new restaurant to add to our list….

The Cash Register

‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ arrives in the desert for an abbreviated stop.

PriscillaThe hit Broadway musical, based on the cult Australian movie from 1994, makes a desert pit stop at the Venetian until July 21st. For box office details contact the box office at or call 702 414 9000.

Priscilla-Queen-of-the-Desert-6308491If you have never seen Stephan Elliot’s movie ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ you have missed a gem of a movie. It details the journeys of three female impersonators traveling into the heart of Australia in a bus they dub ‘Priscilla’, it is a journey of discovery on many levels. The movie had the benefit of three incredible performances by Terrance Stamp, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pierce. Their hard as nails performances grounded a movie that might easily have been either too quirky or way to sentimental. Terrance Stamp’s performance in particular added a tremendous sense of gravitas to the proceedings.

This is the first stop of the National tour of the theatrical production based on that movie. While it never really succeeds on the levels of its root source, the musical is highly enjoyable and the show is a delightful romp. In this production the lead roles are played by Wade McCollam, Scott Willis and Bryan West who battle homophobia, bus breakdowns and the perils of Lip Synching before they finish their gig in the unlikely destination of Alice Springs. The three principles and the rest of the cast all do an excellent but uniform job of bringing the tale to life. There is no single stand-out performance, except perhaps for the costumes and Priscilla herself. The staging with ‘Priscilla’ is a lot of fun and really the central focus of the production along with those ‘Tony Award’ winning costumes.

The soundtrack is filled with classic ‘Lip Synch’ material from Tina Turner to Madonna and features spirited renditions of such old chestnuts as ‘It’s Raining Men,’ priscilla-queen-of-the-desert-las-vegas‘I Will Survive,’ and ‘Finally.’ There was a small band in the theatre pit, but a heck of a lot of music tracks going on to fill out the sound. The choreography was inventive and fun and kept the action interesting. At a two hour running time (with no interval) I can’t believe much was missing from the Broadway production, in fact I think the show could have been tightened up a little in Vegas. As a prime member of the ‘Don’t cut running time from New York to Vegas’ brigade, this is an unusual position for me to take. However there were several instances where a dance number followed another dance number to no added effect. Had they cut out spoken material?

The show was spirited and fun, that is my bottom line take-away from ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert,’ and with the never ending series of ‘Cirque du Soliel’ shows that seem to be cutting of the showbiz circulation in Sin City, that works for me! Not a French Canadian acrobat in sight,,,,,,,,

Tickets for this, and EVERY Las Vegas show are never a one size fits all business. The final week of the production may be open to many discounts with the show only running for half it’s planned 10 week run. One discount tip I would pass on to our readers is to check out ‘House Seats’ at  They are a superb resource for discounted showroom tickets.




Celine Dion at the Coliseum. Las Vegas’ biggest draw!

Celine Dion is drawing massive crowds every show at Caesar’s Palace in her ongoing show. For details of dates and tickets available contact the box office via the Internet at 

Celine DionIf your musical taste runs to Celine Dion then you are in the right place to indulge yourself. The new Celine show at the Coliseum is all about the star herself rather than the Cirque du Soliel trappings that were such an integral part of the mix in her last residency at the Coliseum. Not that there is any shortage of spectacle in her 85 minute production show, to say nothing of the almost unheard of sophistication of a 31 piece live orchestra/band to accompany her show. The staging is fascinating and BIG but designed never to overshadow the star. It helps that Celine is larger than life!

Tickets for the shows begin at $55 and go upwards in a sharp arc, and unfortunately discounts are tough to find. However, if you are a fan of Celine then this shouldn’t stop you. Celine is beginning to ‘own’ Vegas (certainly commercially) in much the same way Elvis did in the 70s, if you look back at not seeing Elvis perform live then maybe it is time to pony up the cash. I find it hard to believe that any Celine fan could walk away from this production less than delighted with what they had seen.

Dion is the largest selling female singer in the history of popular music and she certainly pays homage to her recording history during the evening, but she features some interesting and unusual choices of cover songs. Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Ian and Shirley Bassey are all given a shout out in her show and her talented band of musicians are allowed some interesting and entertaining interludes during the show while Ms. Dion changes costumes. The high-tech staging continually arranges and re-arranges the musicians to showcase their contribution to the show.

What about if you are not a Celine fan? Well, I think it would be hard not to enjoy the staging and production value of the event, however, if you aren’t a Celine fan I would guess that this is not the show to choose!

July 4th with the Las Vegas Philharmonic, Frankie Moreno, Sam Riddle, Ellie Smith, and more!

Frankie Moreno, Sam Riddle & Ellie Smith to perform outdoors at 4th WITH THE PHIL in Symphony Park at The Smith Center on
Thursday, July 4th

Frankie Ellie Same


Symphony Park Family Fun Day & Fireworks 4PM-10PM
Tickets $10 adults; $5 children 12 & under

Includes live entertainment from 4PM & an audio simulcast of the Las Vegas Philharmonic Pops Concert from 7:30PM


Pops Concert in Reynolds Hall 7:30PM
with Matt Catingub, Clint Holmes & Kristen Hertzenberg
Tickets $25, $50, $75 & $125 VIP Packages
All concert ticket purchases include admission to Symphony Park


Tickets available from The Smith Center Box Office, Phone (702) 749-2000,
or visit


June 24, 2013 (Las Vegas, NV) Entertainer Frankie Moreno, country singer Sam Riddleand 2012 Miss Nevada Outstanding Teen Ellie Smith will bring performance pizzazz to the outdoor stage in Symphony Park on Thursday, July 4th at the new 4TH WITH THE PHIL event presented by the Las Vegas Philharmonic at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts from 4PM to 10PM.


The outdoor performances will begin soon after the gates to 4TH WITH THE PHIL open at 4PM with the day’s festivities launched by Ellie Smith performing the Star-Spangled Banner. Sixteen-year-old Ellie has sung the National Anthem and God Bless America across the country. Sports teams that have invited her to sing include the LA Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, LA Lakers and many more.  Ellie will also open the Pops Concert in Reynolds Hall at 7:30PM singing the National Anthem.


Frankie Moreno, voted Best Strip Headliner by Las Vegas Weekly in 2012, headlines at The Stratosphere and frequently performs with Las Vegas Philharmonic concertmaster De Ann Letourneau who will join him on stage on July 4th.  Country singer Sam Riddle is well-known to Vegas audiences from performances at Gilley’s at Treasure Island and Club Madrid inside Sunset Station.  Throughout July Sam will perform every Sunday night on Fremont Street on the 3rd Street Stage.


The 4th WITH THE PHIL Family Fun Day in Symphony Park will also feature performances by local ensembles including Cajun/Zydeco group The Swamp Stompers, Civil War period ensemble The Mason Dixon Ramblers, Hawaiian musical artist Melle VasquezMariachi Mexico Antiguo and students from the Desert Suzuki Institute.


Admission to the 4th WITH THE PHIL Family Fun Day and Symphony Park is $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under.  The Las Vegas Philharmonic encourages people to secure tickets in advance to avoid disappointment on July 4th should the park reach capacity.


Food & Beverage

A variety of July 4th traditional favorites will be available to purchase throughout the day including hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones, ice cream, beer, wine, soda and water amongst other offerings. All purchases will be cash-only with ATMs provided on site.  Unlike previous Las Vegas Philharmonic outdoor picnic events, no outside food or beverages except bottled water will be permitted. A portion of the proceeds from food and beverage sales will go towards supporting the Las Vegas Philharmonic, the presenter of 4TH WITH THE PHIL, to help cover the costs of the event.


Las Vegas Philharmonic Pops Concert

4th WITH THE PHIL also includes a Pops Concert to be held in Reynolds Hall at 7:30PM. The concert features the orchestra conducted by Matt Catingub with guest vocalists Clint Holmes and Kristen Hertzenberg.  All concert tickets include admission to Symphony Park from 4PM, giving people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor performances before the indoor concert.  Audio of the concert will be simulcast into Symphony Park for those who choose to remain outdoors for the evening.   Concert tickets are $25, $50, $75 with a VIP $125 package available including a pre-concert BBQ.


Fireworks Display

At 9PM there will be a 4th WITH THE PHIL fireworks display by Zambelli Fireworks. People inside Reynolds Hall will have the opportunity to leave the hall and watch the display outdoors.  The fireworks, which will be accompanied by live music audio simulcast into the park, will be video simulcast into Reynolds Hall.


DISCOVERY Children’s Museum Free Entry

As an added attraction, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, which is situated adjacent to The Smith Center, will re-open on July 4th from 5:30PM-7:30PM with free admission to 4th WITH THE PHIL ticket holders, including Symphony Park tickets.  After-hours entry to DISCOVERY will be on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached.  The museum will have special Fourth of July-themed programming throughout the day.



Thursday, July 4, 4PM-10PM

Las Vegas Philharmonic presents


The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, 361 Symphony Park Avenue

4PM-10PM – Symphony Park Family Fun Day

Guests will not be allowed entry with recliners, chairs higher than 32”, or yard/table umbrellas. The Smith Center’s Boman Pavilion will be open throughout the day as a cooling station.

5:30PM-7:30PM – DISCOVERY Children’s Museum free after-hours entry to ticketholders

Note: free entry on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached; Regular hours 10AM-5PM, $12 entry aged 1-99.

7:30PM – Pops Concert, Reynolds Hall (audio simulcast into Symphony Park)

9:00PM – Fireworks over Symphony Park



Pops Concert in Reynolds Hall $25, $50, $75 & $125 VIP Packages
All concert ticket purchases include admission to Symphony Park
Symphony Park Family Fun Day $10 adults; $5 children 12 & under

Includes audio simulcast of the Pops Concert


Tickets available from The Smith Center Box Office, Phone (702) 749-2000, or visit



Parking for Symphony Park will be at the World Market Center, with pedestrian access across Grand Central Parkway.  Any drop-off for patrons with disabilities, taxis, etc should enter The Smith Center campus where a traffic guide will assist them.  Concert parking will be available at The Smith Center. Access to Symphony Park & Reynolds Hall is also available via the new pedestrian bridge from the City Hall carpark on Main Street.  The pedestrian bridge is also easily accessible from the RTC’s Bonneville Transit Center.

Archery, a fun addition to your Summer activity list, it might just hit the bullseye!

NickI have been attempting to outline in these pages one or two ideas that might add some variety and entertainment to your Las Vegas Summer. Here is one that you might never have thought about, but could enjoy a great deal–archery. The only stipulation that I am making in my choices are that you must be able to get a good discount and that the activity should be suitable for the 55 plus market that our website is geared for. That is a no-brainer given that the actual title of the website is, and this one fits the bill nicely.

Do you have a bit of inner Robin Hood hidden away inside you? If you do, and you feel like being a little bit adventurous then this activity might be perfectly suited for you. I got my discount by visiting one of my favorite web haunts and signing up for their archery lessons at Pacific Archery in the heart of Las Vegas’ Asian town district. The cost of the one hour lesson was under 30 dollars and I now feel quite comfortable about visiting this beautifully equipped centre and shooting a few arrows on my own. I suspect that I will be doing so on a fairly regular basis, a two hour archery practice might be the perfect equivalent of shooting a bucket of golf balls for us non-golfers.

This is certainly not a physically taxing way to spend an hour or two, but it does require an interesting combination of relaxation and focused attention. The basic ‘how to’ part of the session was quickly accomplished, but my friendly coach was never far away if I needed pointers or advice. The facility was very nicely designed and equipped with the walls and shelves filled with fascinating bows and arrows. Some of the more exotic bows looked like they might have been manufactured in Middle Earth. For my initial lesson though I was armed with a standard long bow, which got the job done very nicely.

By the end of the hour I was doing very nicely at my new endeavor and consistently grouping my arrows on the target at the far end of the shooting range. I felt rather proud of myself. The other thing I felt was a little harder to verbalize, but I think it can be best summed up as a quiet contentment– rather like the experience of emerging from a deep meditation. The combination of concentration, form and focus gave me a curious sensation of relaxed attention that was an unusual (for me) and very enjoyable experience.

I have long envied golfers on the exacting manner that they focus and constantly make tiny adjustments to their game while getting some exercise and fresh air. Pacific ArcheryWhile I have no desire to join them on the golf course it certainly seems to be a fine way to relax and sharpen the body’s command system. I am rather a solitary person and this tiny excursion into the world of archery seemed like the first step in the direction of shaping these same elements into a worthwhile experience. The fact that indoor archery takes place in an air-conditioned environment also adds to its intrinsic appeal as a Vegas Summer activity needless to say!

Is archery for everyone? No, of course not– however judging by the wide assortment of folks who were present during my session, it has a broad spectrum of potential proponents. I strongly suspect that just like the ‘painting party’ I recently described in these pages, it is the kind of activity that may have been hidden away in the back of your mind for most of your life. Why not let your imagination run wild and explore these quirky backroads of your personality. Always remember that just because you are now ‘senior’ doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring. Hitting that 55 mark just means you have the life experience to explore more creative ways of expressing yourself and having fun.